What's New?

The FRIENDS FOUNDATION has generously purchased an AED machine for our center. This is an Automatic Electronic Defribulater.  Three of our staff members are trained to use it as well as CPR. 

Special Thank You to the Friends Foundation!!!!!


The Dripping Springs Community Foundation serves as a resource for donors and for local non-profit organizations by encouraging and facilitating  philanthropic gifts and by delivering grants, training support, and visibility to organizations that provide support to the residents of the greater Dripping Springs area.   The Hill Country Senior Center lost the use of their old icemaker a year ago. Now that we are re-opening we were struggling with how we were going to purchase a new one. The past year and a half have not been kind to our refrigeration systems at the center. Repairs and replacements have been relentless. Thanks to the Dripping Springs Community Foundations’ generous grant, we were able to purchase an brand new energy efficient ice maker.   The Foundation was a pleasure to work with and were very  quick to fund our request.

Thank you to all of the donors to the foundation and special thanks to their board of directors for approving our grant request.